5 Selling Points to Focus on During LTC Awareness Month

Nov 16, 2016

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month. Are you doing anything to build awareness around this important life insurance product? If not, here are some tips for raising awareness among potential customers and convincing insurers to do the same.

LTC is helpful for more than just chronic illness
LTC insurance plans are best known for covering costs of assisted living care. When you buy LTC coverage, you’re also protecting yourself in case you sustain serious and debilitating injuries in a car accident or house fire and require LTC. Make sure potential customers know this.

Most health insurance plans do not cover LTC
Another thing consumers shopping your products should know about LTC is that it’s probably not a part of their current health or disability insurance. Advertise this in your marketing materials and clue potential customers in when meeting with them.

Government plans do not provide comprehensive LTC coverage
Government health insurance plans, which we can hardly count on for consistency in any case, cover LTC in very specific instances. When they do provide LTC coverage, the coverage tends to be less than with private insurance plans.

LTC can be provided in your own home
When most consumers hear “LTC,” a picture of a nursing home comes to mind. Most insured individuals who received LTC, however, receive it in the comfort of their own homes. If a policyholder would prefer or is instructed to reside in an assisted-living facility while receiving LTC, he or she may. But if home care is a viable option, it will be covered under a good LTC insurance policy.

Obtaining LTC early on is smart

The earlier you take out an LTC insurance policy, the more likely you are to be covered when your need for LTC arises. Depending on how young you are, you may also be able to lock in great rates or obtain other special deals. Waiting can be costly, as age and health impact how much one pays for a policy.

Don’t let November pass by without advertising the benefits of health insurance with LTC benefits. To work with a professional who has a wealth of resources that can help you with your marketing and awareness-raising efforts, call Brokers Alliance at (800) 290-7226.

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