The January 2017 Life Insurance Update Show

Jan 25, 2017

Are you an independent insurance agent striving to hit the ground running and set yourself up for your most successful year yet? At Brokers Alliance, we want to help you meet your professional New Year’s resolutions. In our January 2017 Life Insurance Update Show, we explore three opportunities that can impress your clients and benefit your business.

The first of these is a discussion of North American Company’s sales concepts, with an emphasis on retirement planning. There are several ways to market annuities and indexed universal life insurance (IUL), but one of the most impactful is to focus on these products as supplemental retirement income. Others include college funding, estate planning, pension maximization, and executive bonus. North American offers some of the most competitive rates in the country.

The second update in our January show covers our recently unveiled Final Expense website. The site went live on December 12. Features include a training platform, university, and smart quoter. Our exceptional portal for final expense leads can expand your potential client base and reach a more targeted market. The site was designed with the notion in mind that every client has different needs, and that clients find it reassuring when their needs and wants are catered to.

The third and final update in January's show covers Speed of Life Term Insurance, a product that is currently heavily incentivized. The product’s marketing director discusses three ways agents can submit quotes and applications, and how they can be rewarded for doing so. Current rewards for submitting apps include digital tablets, Sonos Play 3 home theater systems, and $500 Amazon gift cards. If you’re not already selling Speed of Life Term Insurance, it’s time to get on board.

Brokers Alliance hopes that our January Update Show inspires you to sell more products and engage with existing clients more than ever. For up-to-date information on the industry’s best products, growth opportunities, and insurance and annuities marketing solutions, watch our life insurance and annuities update shows every month. If don't already receive these updates in your inbox every month, give your Brokers Alliance marketer a call. To consult a member of our team about the information in this update or any other questions you have about marketing and selling life insurance, call (800) 290-7226.

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