March 2017 Life Insurance Update Show

Mar 08, 2017

It's the time fo year again! March Madness is in full swing and we've caught the fever over here at Brokers Alliance. This month, our March Life Update Show showcases our own bracket. We’ve pulled the Top 4 Life Insurance Products in the industry and we’re putting them head to head in hopes of coming away with a winner.

Safe Harbor Term vs. Speed of Life Term

Last year's champion, Safe Harbor Term has been passing with flying colors due to its competitive nature...and those Living Benefits certainly can't be ignored. The underdog, Speed of Life Term, is putting up quite the fight with its same-day turnaround. Our experts predict it will be quite the upset this year seeing that Speed of Life Term is the only life insurance product in the industry that allows agents to submit applications via text message. 

NA Builder IUL vs AIG GUL w. 3 Riders

The Builder IUL is still the strongest accumulation IUL out there, which makes it stiff competition. What really makes this product the MVP? It is one of the only products that offers a contractually guaranteed persistency bonus. On the other side of the court, is the GUL 3 product. It's got the edge when it comes to payouts. It offers six ways to get a payout compared to the typical GUL style of only one. Our experts think this will be a close call, but they are backing the Builder IUL due to its long-time consistency in the industry.

We hope the March Life Update Show has you in the spirit to break some sales records of your own! For up-to-date information on the industry’s best products, growth opportunities, and insurance and annuities marketing solutions, watch our life insurance and annuity update shows every month. If you don't currently receive these updates in your inbox every month, give your Brokers Alliance marketer a call. To consult a member of our team about the information in this update or any other questions you have about marketing and selling life insurance, call (800) 290-7226.

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