Real Lives, Real Stories: Let The Narrative Speak for Itself

Mar 22, 2019

Not too long ago, one of our producers shared a powerful, true story to his Facebook page. It made a huge impact with his audience; he ended up having multiple contacts call him asking to discuss life insurance. He was kind enough to share the story with us to use for marketing pieces that you can share with your clients.

The story describes a young father in his 30’s shopping for additional term coverage after purchasing a new home. After receiving a quote for a term policy with living benefits, he said he wanted to think about it. A week later, he unexpectedly passed away and never had the chance to secure a policy. That “think about it” mentality is why 1⁄3 of families would have a financial disaster in the first month should their family breadwinner pass away.*

You can access this customizable, consumer marketing piece (and a multitude of other pieces) in the Consumer Marketing App in myAdvisorCloud agent portal. Give your Agent Relationship Manager a call at 480.296.0169 for more information.

term father story.png

*For its eighth year, in January 2018, LIMRA employed an online panel to survey adult consumers who are financial decision makers in their households. This resulted in the 2018 Insurance Barometer Study, by Life Happens and LIMRA. Responses were received from 2,082 individuals. The data were weighted by age, gender, education, race, region, and income to be representative of the general population. A propensity score adjustment was added to correct for biases inherent in Internet panels. The margin of error in this study is /- 3 percentage points.

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