InstaBrain Term with Living Benefits

InstaBrain Term!
A Revolution in Selling Insurance

Think AI-powered, machine learning coupled with a customer-focused instant decision platform, with not one, but multiple leading and proprietary term and permanent life, disability, critical illness, and guaranteed issue insurance products that offer unique and market-leading benefits to your client, competitive premiums, and top-tier commissions. Phew! That's a mouthful and it's a no-brainer!

No Underwriting Hassles
of older adults have
at least one chronic disease.
70% have at least two.
100% Instant Decision
100% Instant Decision Every Time!
of people needing long term
care are under the age
of 65 years old.
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Full Coverage in 10 Minutes or Less!
Expected healthcare costs
for a healthy couple retiring
at 65 years old.
LTC 4.png
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Out-of-pocket cost some
patients may face for
one cancer drug.

Non-Med Term with Living Benefits (even in CA!) Get Contracted Through myAdvisor Cloud Now!

Living Benefits have become more important to today’s consumer and it’s important to present options.  With this term with living benefits product, your clients can have additional protection with their policy to cover Critical, Chronic, and Terminal Illness. 

  • Simplified Issue Non-Med up to $400,000
  • Accelerate up to 95% for qualified Critical, Chronic, or Terminal Illness