The Brokers Alliance® Difference

WebIcons-9_size45.png Competitive & Proprietary Products

Over the years we have learned a lot about what today’s consumer is looking for when it comes to life insurance and annuities. Not only does Brokers Alliance® provide access to the industry’s most competitive life insurance services and products, we have built a few proprietary insurance contracts that can’t be found anywhere else. At Brokers Alliance®, you will get EXCLUSIVE access to these products providing you with an additional advantage over the competition.

WebIcons-8_size45.png Technology

Faster Underwriting, Faster Turn Around, and Faster Results. While we have some of the most innovative consumer presentations and agent marketing tools, our internal use of technology has produced some of the best results for our independent insurance agents and financial advisors. We leverage the latest in communication, tracking, and management technologies to ensure that behind the scenes our machine is running as efficiently as possible.

WebIconsRound2-13_size45.png Marketing

At Brokers Alliance®, we not only take the time to put together comprehensive reports and presentations for your education, but we also build digital media and videos that speak the same language as your clients. Brokers Alliance®’s powerful life insurance marketing platform will open the door to a whole new level of life insurance prospects and lead generation. These programs will save you time and money, while building your practice.

WebIconsRound3-05_size45.png In-House Studio

To provide all of the marketing content in a format that you and your client’s are looking for, Brokers Alliance® built an in-house video and audio studio. With state-of-the-art equipment and talented engineers, Brokers Alliance® produces regular video programming to promote Life Insurance Training & Education, Industry and Market Updates, and Consumer Point of Sale tools. More importantly, we open our studio to our producers to take their marketing to a whole new level with custom video presentations, commercials, and more.