The Brokers Alliance® consumer presentations can help you sell products

Consumer Presentations

The Brokers Alliance® Consumer Presentations Can Help You Sell Products

As a concept-focused firm, Brokers Alliance® has the tools and knowledge on our myAdvisor Cloud (MAC) to convince consumers of the importance of investing in life insurance, annuities, and other retirement savings vehicles. We have prepared and delivered several presentations designed to help consumers better understand how social security benefits and retirement savings products work. After viewing our presentations, consumers have a better grasp of the importance of investing in the very products you sell! Income For Life, Income Architect, Social Security Seminar, the Safe Harbor Term Presentation, and the ForeCare Annuity presentation are among the most effective presentations in our repertoire.WebReferenceBoard3_Consumer_Presentation.png

  • With little work on your behalf, our consumer presentations can help your clients better understand their retirement savings options.
  • Choose from several well-developed presentations covering Life Insurance products ranging from Annuities to Term Life.
  • Increase your Assets Under Management, Answer Fewer Questions