Impaired Risk Underwriting

About the Brokers Alliance® Underwriting Team 

Brokers Alliance® has assembled an outstanding team of tenacious, service-oriented underwriters, case managers, and case design professionals to expedite your client's life insurance applications.

The Products

The companies we represent are all handpicked to fill voids in the marketplace. One may have the most expertise with cancer. Another may be superior in cardiac problems. Through our close relationships with home office underwriters, we can often get more favorable results than the broker can get through his or her own company.

The Service

Brokers are always looking for a one-stop shop and we consider ourselves that type of agency. Our service philosophy is based on a commitment to excellence. We operate with a sense of urgency ... with the understanding that if the broker wanted it tomorrow, he'd ask for it tomorrow.

The Company

We focus on helping brokers find the best solutions for their clients. Our Underwriting team is experienced in underwriting, actuarial services, and advanced marketing concepts. They are a valuable resource for your business. Bring us your difficult questions and tough cases. Our motto is ... It can be done. Let us prove it.

Brokers Alliance® specializes in placing impaired risk cases at highly favorable rates due to our exceptional service, extensive expertise and experience working on difficult cases.