Determining the Life Insurance needs of your potential client.

Life Calculators and Tools

WebIconsRound3-02.pngLife Calculator and Tools for Client Peace of Mind

These Life Insurance calculators will assist independent insurance agents in the process of determining the Life Insurance needs of your potential client. Access each tool with ease while in client meetings or presentations to demonstrate the potential need for life insurance.

Quickly determine how much life insurance coverage your clients should have with our easy-to-use life calculator and other tools. Help your clients obtain the financial security they want to enjoy and provide for their loved ones, accounting for likely and unlikely scenarios they may be worried about.

  • Use the Brokers Alliance® life calculators to help your clients determine ideal life insurance coverage.
  • In tandem with Brokers Alliance®’s other life insurance tools, the life calculators can help you pair your clients with the best coverage for them from top life insurance carriers.
  • Tools of interest include:
    • Life Expectancy Calculator
    • Life Insurance Needs Calculator
    • The Life Quick Process


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