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Life Insurance

Why Partner With Brokers Alliance® for your client's life insurance needs?

3 Simple Reasons:  

  • Experienced staff 
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Free tools, resources, and training

Since Brokers Alliance® was founded nearly 40 years ago, our core competency has been to provide all manner of support for the independent life insurance salesperson. Our experienced staff offers training, case design, and on-going support to assist you with each and every case.

Whether you have clients seeking term life insurance, permanent life insurance, or more complex solutions, Brokers Alliance is here to support you every step of the way.

Brokers Alliance – A Leader in Life Insurance Solutions for nearly 40 years

There are few more noble endeavors than that of providing life insurance to American families, and no better way to provide American families with basic long-term security in an insecure world. Brokers Alliance is proud of our mission of assisting and supporting life insurance professionals by providing life insurance services, life insurance training, and life insurance programs. We offer the independent insurance and financial professional with a best-in-class team of life insurance specialists to assist in every step of the process, from illustration to underwriting to case placement.

A Unique Asset Class

Life insurance is a unique asset class; it takes a relatively small amount of money (premium) and increases it into a large amount of money (death benefit or retirement income), and delivers that increased value tax-free when families or a business most need it; upon the death of a breadwinner or key business associate, or as an income stream in retirement.

Brokers Alliance is a leading life insurance brokerage assisting insurance and financial professionals in the design and placement of life insurance strategies to provide your client with protection now, and retirement income later. Our innovative and unique myAdvisorCloud platform provides you with interactive tools to explain and present life insurance concepts to your clients, and our best-in-class life insurance support team provides expertise in case design, exams and underwriting.

From Simple to Complex

Brokers Alliance is a life insurance IMO that has the expertise and experience to assist the insurance professional with the entire range of life insurance solutions, from simple term insurance to complex business and estate planning situations involving permanent policies, and premium financing solutions for high net worth individuals. Don’t trust your reputation and income to amateurs or “Johnny come lately” entrants to Indexed Universal Life Insurance – Brokers Alliance core competency for nearly 40 years is providing expert life insurance support.