Fixed Indexed Annuities

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WebReferenceBoard3_Fixed_Index_Annuities.pngMarketing Fixed Indexed Annuities to Your Clients

Fixed Indexed Annuities are a hot commodity, an investment product you can expect clients to be interested in for years to come. Our advisors can help you pitch these lump-sum investments and their guaranteed payoffs to clients planning for their retirement. One way to do this is to explain that fixed annuities work similarly to CDs but are generally higher yielding.


  • Help your clients devise a balanced retirement income plan that includes Fixed Indexed Annuities
  • Demonstrate the appeal of fixed indexed annuities to risk-averse investors planning for retirement
  • Gain access to examples of real indexed annuities that have done great things for investors’ retirement portfolios
  • Distinguish between immediate and deferred Indexed Annuities, and help your clients understand which type is in their best interest