Living Benefits

Maximize Your Clients Long-Term Life Insurance Living Benefits

Brokers Alliance® is your leading source for low-cost 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-year term insurance that INCLUDES:

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    Chronic Illness Living Benefit
  • Terminal Illness Benefit
  • Unemployment Rider (based on state of availability)

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Where could your client access a bucket of money in the event of a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis?

  • 1 in 2 Men and 1 in 3 women will contract some form of cancer.
  • There are over 800,000 Stroke victims a year.
  • Every 44 seconds someone in the U.S. suffers a heart attack.
  • Approximately 70% of people over the age of 65 will require long-term assistance during their lifetime, and over 40% will need care in a nursing home.

2. Where could your client access a bucket of money in the event of a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis?

3. Access money in the event of a chronic illness such as a long term care event? Could they get it from their banker or stockbroker? Not likely!

4.  If your client experienced a critical or chronic health event, and did not die, what would the term policy that they have now do for them?

If the answer is NOTHING, then you need the following product!

EXCLUSIVE - Safe Harbor Term - Get Contracted Through myAdvisor Cloud Now!

Living Benefits have become more important to today’s consumer and it’s important to present options.  With Safe Harbor Term, your clients can have additional protection with their policy to cover Critical, Chronic, and Terminal Illness.  The simplified underwriting process makes providing these benefits to your clients even easier!  Access life insurance contracting today and gain access to our consumer marketing kit with educational videos, life insurance marketing pieces, and more.

  • Up to $500,000 of coverage
  • Simplified Issue Non-Med up to $400,000
  • Accelerate up to 95% for qualified Critical, Chronic, or Terminal Illness

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