Social Security Discovery Seminar Program



Discovery.pngThis Powerhouse Social Security Seminar is now better than ever!

Get the Social Security Discovery Seminar Guide — it's the low-cost seminar that positions FIAs and can more than double your production!

How it works:

  • Start with our powerful, yet steeply discounted mailer that can fill 2 Social Security seminars for less than $2K.
  • It's a workshop-style seminar that educates consumers on little-known Social Security strategies and the income gap.
  • Then, get step-by-step strategies for your first and second appointments.
  • Finally, use the income gap closing tools that your prospects can't ignore!
  • Free guide includes illustrations, case studies and how to upsell riders and life products.

This is a genuine, tried-and-true production multiplier. See for yourself. Fill out the form to download the FREE Social Security Discovery Seminar Guide right now.

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Intro Social Security Discovery Video

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