Recipe For A Successful Client Appointment

Apr 05, 2017

Much like preparing a big meal, it’s wise to go into a client appointment with a plan...a recipe, if you will. Here are six ingredients to add to your recipe for a successful appointment:

  • Definition - When you are with your client, define your role as an advisor. Solidify with them that you are an expert who is there to guide them through this purchasing decision.

  • Analysis - Find out the reasons why your client is looking to purchase coverage. The appointment will go much smoother if you find out sooner rather than later if they are looking for a vehicle to grow their money or if they are looking for coverage with the lowest rates/best terms.

  • Strategy - Once you know their end goals, find out their current risk tolerance and their preferred timeline of return. This will help you narrow down which products will fit their needs and expectations. For example, some clients will be comfortable investing for the long term to grow cash value, whereas others want quick access to funds to help pay for possible medical emergencies.

  • Customization - Based on what you learned about your client, you can then present the type of product you think they would prefer. In our example above, the long-term investors might benefit from an IUL, while a term policy with living benefits might be acceptable for clients wanting quick access to emergency funds.

  • Action - Now that you and the client have a product focus, you can run quotes and compare carrier benefits. Although price will be a large factor in the decision, don’t forget to take into account underwriting speed/capabilities and customer support.

  • A Watchful Eye - The ingredients have all been added to the pot, but you still have to pay attention to make sure they don’t burn. The same concept applies after you’ve closed with a client. It’s important to check in with them at least once a year to make sure the coverage they purchased is still the best choice. It may need some upgrading or changing if they have experienced a major life change.

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