Pro Tips For New Agents

Mar 29, 2017

It’s 2am and you’ve just woken up with a life-changing epiphany: You want to be a life insurance agent! Alright, we realize it probably didn’t happen exactly like that, but you did make your way towards a new career in insurance and we are here to help. Whether you’re young and just starting out your business or you’re making a career change later in life, these tips can help you improve your sales skills.

  1. Ask your prospects about their family. Inquire about their children and grandchildren. Get them talking and thinking about their family members who depend on them. Having their family be a focus in the conversation will keep them at at the top of their mind when you move into discussing products and their value.

  1. Don’t just list features and jargon. This can be easy to do when you’re just starting out. You want to show that you know the products inside and out and prove that you’ve soaked in all the knowledge about the industry. However, prospects can get lost in the mix and can lose interest quickly when you do this. Instead, focus on their needs and suggest only products that will fulfill these needs.

  1. Learn from those with more experience. Observe the agents that have some years under their belt. Ask them questions about how they pitch. Don’t think that just because they aren’t computer whizzes, they aren’t skilled agents. Technology can only take you so far; sometimes, the traditional sales methods can be the ones that close deals. Guess what? The agents with experience have those methods down to a science.

  1. Call us to find out about our Elite Producer Program. We've created a comprehensive sales training, marketing, prospecting, and rewards program just for you! Our Base Camp level of the program is a valuable starting point for any new agent. Stop talking about your mountains and start climbing...We'll be there with you along the way.

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