Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Pay For It!

Apr 12, 2017

When you were young, accidentally tripping down the stairs was a quick fright that was easily laughed off afterwards. But, when you get to be a certain age, it turns into a nightmare scenario where you hope you don’t tumble into oblivion and end up in the hospital. And don’t even get us started if you get the flu...

A new study from LIMRA concluded that a majority of middle-class consumers are more afraid of serious injury or illness than losing money in an economic downturn. To the middle-class, stairs and the flu are the enemies. So, what do you present your client who has worries that a serious injury or illness will drain their savings? Insurance products with living benefits!

Products like Safe Harbor Term offer built-in living benefits that allow clients to accelerate up to 95% of their death benefit to pay for treatment of chronic, critical, or terminal illness. Paired with a health insurance policy, coverage like this makes sure clients don’t need to worry about funds if accidents or illnesses arise in their life.

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