What Makes Social Media Content Great

Jul 27, 2016

The value of strong social media content cannot be overestimated for any business. If you’re in an industry in which social media is still emerging as a way to communicate with and market to clients, this is especially true.

But what makes social media content truly great? Criteria varies and is dependent on the market a business is catering to and its social media goals. Here are a few principles that all strong social media content adheres to.

Content Reflects Goals

Before posting any content to Facebook, Twitter, or another social media channel, read it over with your business goals and marketing strategy in mind. Does it further either of these? If it doesn’t, the content is probably unnecessary.

Catchy Titles, Headlines, and Tweets

If you’re trying to draw attention to a financial product you’ve just started offering, you could post a Tweet that reads: “Click on this link to learn about our newest annuity.” Alternatively, you could write: “Discover how this annuity can provide you with peace of mind and reliable income. Click here.” Which sounds more engaging to you?


Social media optimization is not only about seamlessly weaving keywords you wish to rank for into your social media content. It’s also about crafting easily shareable content. The reasoning for this is simple. The higher the number of shares you get, the more potential customers you’ll be able to reach.

Positive and Consistent Tone

In order to give your brand a personality, content posted to your social media channels should be written in a consistent tone and voice. The tone of your content should also be positive. You can do this by avoiding the use of double negatives in your content and replacing words that have negative connotations with words that carry positive connotations.

Consider Competition

If you have direct competitors, the content they post on their social media feed should matter to you. Read through their content to tease out the keywords they’re trying to rank for and other social media marketing strategies they’re employing. Don’t copy content, but seek inspiration from competitors who’ve made recent changes to their social media presence and are enjoying a boom to their business as a result.

Crafting strong social media content takes time and effort, but it can really pay off. If you’re looking to hone your social media marketing strategy or familiarize yourself with the basics of creating and posting to a social media page for your business, Brokers Alliance has the tools for you. Call (800) 290-7226 to learn about our step-by-step Facebook 101 course.

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