How Marketing is Changing Forever

Aug 17, 2016

The ability to adapt to and exploit change has helped many a business succeed over the years. A part of the office in which we’ve seen an inordinate amount of change in just the past few years is the marketing department. Marketing is undergoing several dramatic shifts, and businesses who don’t keep up with these changes and game their strategies accordingly stand to lose much. Here, we look at a few of the most profound changes we’ve seen and the factors driving these changes.

Closer, More Casual Business-Client Relationships
Social media makes communication between businesses and clients faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before. The opportunities businesses have to announce and remind customers of new products, sales, and events cheaply and instantly through digital platforms are invaluable. Consumers, for their part, can opt in to quick polls and surveys that businesses use to improve their wares.

Speed of Campaign Rollout
Rolling out a new marketing campaign used to take time. Materials needed to be printed and mailed by post. Banners and fliers needed to be transported and displayed. By the time a great idea was ready to be rolled out, it might have lost its relevance. Things have changed. The speed of digital marketing today is constrained only by the people envisioning, creating, and authorizing campaigns. The rollout can be achieved with the click of a button, and consumers using push notifications will see what you have to share just seconds after that.

Relevancy of Marketing Content
Another major change that has resulted from the rise of digital marketing is the relevancy of marketing efforts to consumers. There’s less of a need for marketing professionals to come up with one-size-fits-all campaigns that tend to be awkward. Ads can be designed specifically to appeal to millennials, women in their 30s, or workers approaching retirement. The ads can then be targeted directly audience to which it is relevant. For life insurance and annuities sales, this is huge.

Customer as Dominant Marketing Force
Businesses have always sought to win over customers, but never before has the average consumer had so much clout on marketing efforts. Customers want to be catered to, and businesses want to understand customers needs, wants, and weak spots. Customer surveys enable businesses and research firms to ask customers directly for their input, and ratings and review forums give consumers the chance to candidly share their satisfaction with a product or service.

Changing your marketing strategy may seem expensive, but not changing it can be even more expensive. We’re living in the digital age, and marketing is about as digitized as any other industry. For unique, innovative, and personalized support on better marketing to your target audience, call Brokers Alliance at (800) 290-7226.


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