How to Write a Great List Article

Aug 31, 2016

Most internet users are drawn to simple, well-formatted content. List articles, offering tips and tricks, facts, or highlights pertaining to one subject or another, are a great way to capture readers’ attention. But not all list articles are created equal. If you want your next list article to stand out, follow these tips.

   1. Pick a topic

All topics you write about should relate in some way to your products, services, industry, business goals, or the industry you work in. Choose topics for which you can easily come up with several list items. It helps to think broad

   2. Choose a list article type

There are essentially three types of list articles. There’s the “how to” list article (this is one of those), the “# facts” article, and the “top tips” article. Decide which type yours will be, and keep the type in mind as you brainstorm and create.

   3. Brainstorm list items

Using your knowledge on the topic and trustworthy resources, come up with a list of possible items to include in your article. Jot down important points to make under each item

   4. Select a number

Choose how many items to include in your list article. This number should be smaller than the total number of viable list items you’ve brainstormed.

   5. Include short list items

Readers love these. Short items, with limited descriptions, also enable you to feature more items per list.

   6. Link to relevant websites

Don’t overdo it, but try to incorporate an average of one relevant hyperlink for every 100 words in your list article. Think about your link building strategy, including links to partners’ websites and industry publications.

   7. Organize your list

Once you have your list, order it in a logical manner. This could be step-by-step (as this article is), chronological, or some other type of order. If you cannot find a logical order, place your strongest items toward the beginning and end of the list.

   8. Add intro and conclusion

Once your body content is ready, tie it together with an engaging introductory paragraph and concise closing paragraph.

   9. Pick a title

Craft a title for your list article. The best titles are short, convey to the reader what he or she will find in the article, and include the number of items found within the list article

   10. Optimize

Read over your article, replacing passive verbs with active verbs and cutting out fat where possible. Incorporate keywords you want the article to rank for, and space lines apart with ease of reading in mind.

Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you craft a list article to make that article as effective as possible. For more great tips and tools that will help you hone your marketing strategy, call Brokers Alliance at (800) 290-7226 and speak with a knowledgeable advisor about how we can help you grow your independent brokerage business.


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