Thinking About Creating a Corporate Mascot?

Aug 03, 2016

Meet Joe the Sloth!

Mascots give companies character. A mascot can give an otherwise serious business a fun and entertaining tint, making it more accessible and memorable to the average consumer. Here are a few of the ways a mascot can benefit your business, as exemplified by Brokers Alliance’s experience rolling out a new corporate mascot it calls Joe the Sloth.

Help Consumers Understand You

Few consumers know much about life insurance, annuities, and IRAs. Using a talking animal or personified object to do your bidding, you can show consumers that these products really aren’t all that daunting. By accessorizing or dressing up your mascot in a certain way, you can convey to consumers what your business is all about. Brokers Alliance works in a slower moving world, the insurance brokerage industry, but prides itself on its penchant for fun. A mustachioed sloth, dressed as fashionably as a hipster, conveys both elements of the Brokers Alliance brand.

Communicate Brand Values

A corporate mascot can also be a key to communicating your brand’s values to consumers. Think about the Duracell bunny. Everyone who watched more than 30 minutes of TV between 1992 and 2005 knows that thing can just keep going and going and going. What about your brand would you like to make apparent to consumers? Your answer to this question should drive the mascot design process at your firm.

Reinforce Your Name

Catchy advertising pays off because it helps consumers remember companies and products they might otherwise forget. An aptly chosen mascot can go a long way in reinforcing your name in the memories of consumers who see your advertisements. Your mascot can also be a great conduit for telling stories you want consumers to hear.

These attributes of the branded mascot recently led Brokers Alliance in Arizona to roll out a bold corporate mascot. The same attributes may convince you to do something similar in the near future. If you’re looking to learn more about how to better market your brokerage business, call Brokers Alliance at (800) 290-7226. Just don’t ask for Joe the Sloth. He’s not always in.


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