Marketing Insurance to Boomers, Millennials, & Everyone in Between

Sep 28, 2016

One of toughest aspects of any independent broker’s job is marketing the financial products he or she sells. Deciding which benefits to focus on and packaging providers’ products in a way that makes them appeal to the cross-generational population is a lot of work, but prioritizing it can really pay off. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind if you want to appeal to a broad range of ages and expand your market base.

Millennial Targeted Marketing

Millennials, defined as Americans born between 1982 and 2002, number 86 million. As the largest generation in the country today, millennials are a crucial market segment for just about any business selling goods or services. To appeal to this generation, which grew up with and on the internet, you need an online presence. Select at least a few carriers that enable millennials to acquire new policies, review statements, make billing inquiries, and file claims online. An active social media presence, with a focus on fresh and engaging content, can go a long way when marketing to this generation.

Boomer Targeted Marketing

Sure, a lot of Baby Boomers already have life insurance. But not all. And many of those that do are dissatisfied with their current plans. Marketing to millennials is important, but so is marketing to the Boomers. This segment of the population does not turn to the internet for everything millennials do, but they’re still online--especially on Facebook. When designing campaigns, stay away from anything that portrays Boomers as old or senile. Instead, make them feel valued and appreciated. And, since many Boomers prefer face-to-face interaction, make it clear on whatever online marketing materials you generate that Boomers can meet with you in person.

General Marketing Practices

Millennials and Baby Boomers constitute the two largest generations in the country, but you’ll want to market the insurance you sell to Generation X and Zers as well. To appeal across the spectrum, make the messages in your marketing positive. Publish only factual information on your company blog and social media feeds. Pay attention to customer reviews, making changes to your marketing strategy based on feedback received in reviews. Video content has broad appeal, as it’s eaten up by the younger generations and seeing a face can make members of older generations feel more engaged with your products.

Follow these tips when creating and publishing your marketing content, and you should be poised to sell insurance products to consumers of all ages. To speak with an industry professional about your marketing strategy and gain resources that grant you access to proprietary products, call Brokers Alliance at (800) 290-7226. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, which means there is no better time than now to ramp up your marketing efforts.

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