5 Mistakes Sales Professionals Should Stay Away From

Oct 12, 2016

The job of a sales professional can be challenging regardless of how much and what type of training and experience one has. You’re going to make mistakes from time to time, and that’s okay. But some mistakes are graver than others. These mistakes have more potential to negatively influence a sales transaction than others. To keep your sales record high and position yourself to convert even more sales in the future, avoid these mistakes at all costs.

Fail to prepare

Regardless of whether you’re delivering a sales presentation or making a cold call, preparation is imperative. Create a checklist of important points you should be making and information that will help you answer questions you can expect. Do whatever pre-meeting research you can, focusing especially on information that will help you better understand the prospective client with whom you’re meeting. Treat each call, pitch, or presentation as your only opportunity to make a great first impression because it usually is. And, as you know from experience, you don’t always get a chance to improve or revise that question.

Talk too much

It’s true that a call or meeting with a prospective client is usually your most direct chance to sell a product. It’s also your best shot to show the prospective clients that you care about them and their needs. Sell your product, but do so in ways that are relevant to the person or people you’re meeting with. Demonstrate your ability to listen, engage clients in conversation around their experience and needs, and ask for and do your best to answer questions in a thoughtful manner.

Let the prospective client take over

While it’s important to not monopolize conversations during a sales interaction, it’s at least as important to ensure that the client doesn’t take over. Adequately preparing in advance will help. If you feel that the balance of an exchange is tilting in favor of the prospective client, start asking questions about the problems they’re facing or the coverage they need. Use the answers provided as launch pads for selling insurance products as solutions to their problems.

Offer unnecessary information

Show prospective clients that you take them seriously and value their time. One way to do this is to refrain from offering any information that is inconsequential or irrelevant to their needs or the products you’re trying to sell. It’s also smart to avoid any extraneous information that could cast a product or the industry in a negative light.

Neglect to ask for a commitment

Even if you don’t feel confident about how a conversation has gone, you should use the opportunity you have to try and sell your product if that was the purpose of your call. It’s your obligation as a salesperson; and, as long as you maintain an affable demeanor and don’t get too pushy, no one on the other end should feel particularly inconvenienced.

Follow this advice, and you should be on your way to being the best salesperson you can be. For more tips on selling insurance, read through the posts on our blog and webpages. To speak with an established industry expert who can offer you invaluable marketing advice and connect you with some of the most marketable products out there, call Brokers Alliance at (800) 290-7226.

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