The Crowdfunding Conundrum

May 31, 2017

When you search “funeral” on GoFundMe, it yields over 500,000 current campaigns. That is over half a million families taking to the internet and calling upon the kindness of strangers to help fund their loved one’s final expenses. This indicates that there is a large number of individuals who did not have a plan set in place to cover their funeral costs. Crowdfunding funerals is a troubling trend, but with Brokers Alliance Final Expense, you can make sure clients are prepared to lay their loved one to rest without needing to take up a collection first.

Brokers Alliance Final Expense offers a variety of carrier options to insure that your clients can get the coverage they need. Whether your clients are overweight, elderly, or diabetic, there is a final expense product available to them to make sure their families are prepared to pay for funeral costs. With a dedicated support team, extensive online training, and a competitive lead program, you will be set up for success to reach individuals who need a final plan.

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