Insurance Premiums: Expense vs. Investment

Jul 19, 2017

There is always a battle being waged in our budgets: is this an expense or an investment? Nearly 40% of Americans do not own a life insurance policy. This statistic makes it safe to say that the common consensus amongst consumers is that life insurance is an expense. It’s our job as advisors to show them that their premiums are, in fact, an investment.

Term Insurance with Living Benefits

We have a variety of newly-introduced term products that offer clients benefits while they’re alive. They can cover medical treatment or income replacement from chronic, critical, and terminal illness. Clients’ premiums are an investment to cover their possible, future medical expenses. Check out one of our top term with living benefits products here.

Cash Value Life Insurance

If it makes more sense for your clients to have a permanent option, we suggest offering life insurance products that accumulate cash value. Cash value life insurance (like an IUL) can be framed as an alternative or additional option to a 401(k). Instead of thinking of premiums as “bills to pay,” clients should view them as retirement contributions.

Budgeting for life insurance can feel like a chore to clients. That’s why it’s important to illustrate the true value they receive when they do find wiggle room in their budgets to make their payments. Giving up a couple coffees a week or a few cocktails at happy hour can afford them a lifetime of security.


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