It’s Not Really About the Money

Aug 10, 2017

When discussing personal finance with clients, it’s easy to get bogged down in the numbers and statistics that go with a sales pitch. Although important, those elements don’t reach to the root of your client's motivation to purchase life insurance or an annuity. At the end of the day, it’s not *really* about the money. It’s about freedom. Stick with us while we explain:

Freedom of Choice

Choices are no fun when they’re on a budget. In fact, when not having enough money is involved, hard choices are typically forced upon us. Client can’t pay their bills? Looks like they have to downsize. On the other hand, a client who has a strong financial foundation will ultimately have the freedom to choose how they want to spend their money, how much they want to give to their families/friends, etc.

Freedom from the Unknown 

Another freedom that life insurance and annuity products can give clients is the freedom from the unknown. Clients can’t predict if they will be diagnosed with cancer, lose their job, or pass away unexpectedly. But, they can rest easy knowing they have coverage to aid their loved ones if any of these events occur.

Freedom of Opportunity 

Being financially stable also provides clients with the freedom of opportunity. Similar to predicting the unknown, clients can’t predict when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may arise. Client’s shouldn’t have to pass up on opportunities because their finances won’t allow for it. Negotiating between their wants vs. their needs should be a thing of the past, especially during their retirement years.

Using this angle when pitching products to your clients just might help you solidify a sale. For more sales pitch tips and concepts, give Brokers Alliance a call at 800.290.7226.


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