Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2017

After the preparation for the big Thanksgiving meal has been completed and your clients sit down next to the ones they love, what do you think goes through their mind? The average person might start thinking about what they’re thankful for. Perhaps it’s the mouthwatering food in front of them or maybe it’s the friends and family sitting next to them.

But when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what the menu looks like, if they’re postponing the meal to accommodate someone’s irregular work schedule, or if they’re sharing a meal over FaceTime, what truly matters are the ones they hold near and dear; the ones who are there for them no matter what to lend a helping hand.

With these people in mind, your clients may ask themselves, what can they do to show their appreciation? There are many answers to this question, but one of them that’s often overlooked is life insurance.

Life Insurance is a safety net that can help loved ones when the unthinkable happens. It allows family and friends time to grieve without having to worry about finances.

Undoubtedly, preparing for holidays like Thanksgiving can be exciting, but preparing for things that will inevitably happen, like death or serious illness, are quite the opposite. And because of this, planning for the future can get pushed to the side.

This holiday season, we challenge your clients to think about their future. Think about their loved ones and how they can protect them. Think, life insurance.

Brokers Alliance is here to provide agents and financial planners access to only the most competitive and value-rich products available today. Please give Brokers Alliance a call at 480.296.0169 to learn more. We are here to field your questions and help you create a legacy for your clients.

We wish you and yours a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!


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