November 2017 Annuity Update Show

Nov 09, 2017

Interested in 3 ways to bring home more before 2018 hits? Well, look no further! Our November Annuity Update Show has all the details.. We’re talking about a way to get more out of your stale annuity contracts, a rewarding tax-free strategy, AND an opportunity to bolster your bottom line before the 1st of January!

Our first feature reviews how to position a portion of an annuity into a new life insurance product. This strategy exponentially increases the value of the annuity, provides thousands of dollars of long term care benefits, and adds tens of thousands to your bottom line!

Next, we have a rewarding tax-free program we're calling "8 to 18.” This powerful strategy takes the average 8% returns from our alternative and repositions it into a life insurance policy yielding a tax free death benefit and tax free income. This gives you 18 times the original value! If you’re interested in the win-win scenario give Brokers Alliance a call.

Last, but certainly not least, Brokers Alliance has End-of-the-Year opportunities that can put more in your pocket and possibly even PAY for your marketing! Please take advantage of these offerings by giving your Brokers Alliance Relationship Manager a call.

For a further breakdown of these 3 homeruns, watch the November Annuity Update Show here and give us a call at 480.296.0169!

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