The Best of 2017 with Brokers Alliance

Dec 06, 2017

We’re wrapping up the year with the best of Brokers Alliance! This year has been packed with new products, programs, and opportunities offered right here at Brokers Alliance. As a gift to you, our outstanding producers, we've rounded up the best opportunities that have been introduced in 2017 that are still available today:

Life Highlight:
One the most exciting opportunities to hit 2017 was Brokers Alliance Final Expense. With Brokers Alliance Final Expense you have access to the top final expense contracts and final expense leads that will jumpstart your business. This availability is such a game changer that even Grandma is talking about it. Click here to watch the full video.

Annuity Highlight:
This year we’ve discovered how to bring a dead asset back to life. We’re talking about a Brokers Alliance concept that will take your stale annuity contracts and turn them into a 10-year income stream for you. All while improving your client’s position. Click here to see how your clients can get living benefits, tax-free death benefit, and cash value equal to or better than the annuity. 

Sales Tool:Speed of Life Term did it again by making your life just a little bit easier. With this proprietary product, you’ll get assigned your own personal Ticketmaster who will contact your clients to complete the application process. Save time and make more money with Speed of Life Term. Click here to watch the full video and get more information. 

Sales Concept:
On December 7th, we’re hosting a webinar focused on Asset-Base Long Term Care. It’ll cover the difference between traditional LTC and a UL with LTC riders, we’ll debunk some LTC myths, and we’ll reveal two sales ideas that will catapult your business ahead for 2018. Click here to register for this upcoming webinar.

If you would like additional information on any of these offerings, give Brokers Alliance a call at 480.296.0169.

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