New Year, Healthy You...With a Twist!

Jan 24, 2018

With February fast approaching New Year’s resolutions are either starting to peeter out or they’re already falling by the wayside. It’s unfortunate to admit, but ‘things’ always have a way of derailing us! Afterall, we tend to put full responsibility of staying true to our resolutions on our conscious as if it can smack us in to shape; “Stop watching television and pick up those weights!”, “Remove the chips and substitute with celery!” Yuck. Well, this time we have a much more effective motivator, and that motivator starts with an ‘m’ and rhymes with honey.

Name one better motivator than money. You can’t! This motivator can help your clients stay on their health kick longer. How? Some of the leading life insurance carriers have rolled out solutions that monetarily rewards clients for leading a healthier life. With these programs, your clients can earn points for everyday things like exercising, getting annual health screenings, and staying tobacco-free. These activities are logged online and the credits work towards premium reductions that can continue year after year as long as your clients stay healthy!

As far as we can see, leading a healthy lifestyle is not so much a fad, but a growing trend. Keep your eyes out for these health incentives as many carriers are catching on and creating their own programs. Afterall, it’s a win-win!

As always, Brokers Alliance is here to provide agents and financial planners access to only the most competitive and cutting-edge insurance products available. Please give Brokers Alliance a call at 480.296.0169 to learn more.


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