February 2018 Annuity Update Show

Feb 07, 2018

This February we have some fantastic money making opportunities for annuity producers! We break down the products and concepts below and linked to our February 2018 Annuity Update Show at the bottom. Go ahead, give it a read and bump up your practice’s offerings today!

Last month we discussed two of the best MYGA’s in the market. Both products include LIQUIDITY. One provides a 3.25% 6 year guaranteed rate, issued to age 79. The other offers a 2.60% 4 year guaranteed rate, issued to age 100. A month later, and the rates are still holding strong! To add to that we’re offering another MYGA to bolster your arsenal. This 3 year fixed 2.20% rate MYGA is also performing tremendously well.

Next, we’re jumping for joy over Athene’s Performance Elite Plus 10 Select product that offers return of premium, a premium bonus, and a low surrender percentage. Not many products offer all three of these features. This is a clean, great, and effective product.

Lastly, we have a recorded webinar covering a fantastic non-qualified assets opportunity. By freshening up your clients’ annuities you can open up tax-free Long Term Care dollars for them while increasing your bottom line.

To watch the full February 2018 Annuity Update Show, click HERE! For more information, give Brokers Alliance a call at, 480.296.0169!

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