February 2018 Life Insurance Update Show

Feb 01, 2018

Happy February! This month, we have our eyes on a NEW proprietary product launch, a webinar that you don’t want to miss out on, and a product that provides downside protection and upside potential. And if you’re tired of the cold, stick around to the end of the show and we’ll discuss how you could come tee it up here in Arizona!

This month we have our new proprietary product launch. We’re introducing the only term product that’s backed by an A-rated and recognized carrier ISSUING AT THE POINT-OF-SALE. This product offers instant decision underwriting, triple digit commissions, critical, chronic, and terminal illness riders are included, and it doesn’t require any medical exams or medical records. With this new term product, you can expect speedy delivery, favorable options to meet your client needs, and faster commissions!

Next, onto our webinar opportunity. Do you have clients who have the bulk of their retirement dollars sitting in qualified assets? That’s the case for the majority of Americans retiring today. Repositioning taxable, qualified dollars to fund Long Term Care can present some challenging financial planning. But planning is a must! The average cost of private room nursing home care is up to $97,450 per year. With that price tag, your clients could easily be staring down a bill of $300,000 to upwards of $1,000,000. If you could leverage the tax liability of qualified dollars into a larger, tax-free pool of money for Long Term Care, would you take a look? And, if you could use qualified money to provide Long Term Care benefits for two people, would that get you even more intrigued? If so, join Brokers Alliance for an informational webinar covering this topic.

When clients are considering loans for IUL’s, the modern consensus is to choose a product that has a relatively low cap on their variable or participating loans. This of course limits the number of carriers to choose from and still doesn’t address a potential problem IUL clients face which is how expensive these loans can be with the ever changing market. Luckily we have another strategy; linked loans. Linked Loan options give clients downside protection while also providing upside potential. Loaned funds are transferred to a 1-year Point-to-Point strategy with the upside potential earning as much as 12%! The amount of interest charged on borrowed funds will never exceed a NET loan cost of 2%. Costs matter to clients, so why not give them the protection and flexibility they want? Sure, this may also slightly limit the upside as compared to the competition; but, overall, our take is that the downside security is worth a slightly lower upside.

What could make the pot even sweeter? You could qualify for a trip to Phoenix, Arizona to enjoy golf, a ball game, dinner, and more.  Call us today for additional information on this opportunity and how you can spend a long weekend in sunny Arizona, all expenses paid. If you’re interested in a further breakdown of the products mentioned in our February 2018 Life Insurance Update Show or have questions regarding how Brokers Alliance can not only help your practice get by, but reach new levels then give us a call at 480.296.0169.

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