Markets Got Your Clients Against the Ropes? Offer Alternatives Now!

Feb 13, 2018

"There’s some big-money players that have really leveraged to the low rates forever, and they have to unwind those trades...They could be in full panic mode right now."

-- Doug Cote, CMS at Voya Investment,

This month, the stock market has pulled a one-two punch on your clients' savings. How many more rounds are they prepared to go? Luckily, there are a few heavy hitters in our arsenal that could help protect them. Index UL’s and Annuities provide safe havens for clients seeking protection from market corrections.

An Index UL product offers additional opportunity for growth and guarantee based on its unique interest crediting method. With the growing concern about retirement savings, many consumers are drawn to the IUL’s ability to produce strong returns over time. This lends to a powerful build-up of cash value that can become a tax-free supplement to their retirement income via loans.

Fixed Indexed Annuities are a hot commodity, an investment product you can expect clients to be interested in for years to come. Our advisors can help you pitch these lump-sum investments and their guaranteed payoffs to clients planning for their retirement. Call us today at 480.296.0169 to access the products that will keep your clients from being knocked out by a volatile market!

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