The MYGA Wars Are ON!

Feb 22, 2018

We're sensing a disturbance in the market...and interest rates are increasing. Every MYGA in the galaxy is adjusting it's rates. It's an all-out war! Luckily, we have a product that is beating the rest!

Brokers Alliance is offering a 3 year MYGA with a 2.5% interest rate which is the shortest duration at a rate nearly as high as the 10 year treasury! Additionally, we have not one, not two, but three 5 year MYGA’s coming in between 3 and 3.45%, one of which comes from an A+ rated carrier. All four of these products are incredibly strong and very powerful.

Remember, when comparing MYGA rates, it's critical to check the benefits available with each product. Attractive rates often come at the expense of benefits that are typically included at no charge. These details can save you and your client.

With the interest rate fluctuations, these MYGA rates are constantly changing, so make sure to give Brokers Alliance a call as soon as possible to get the best rates in the galaxy! No Jedi mind tricks, just the most elite agent support in the business. Call us today at 480.296.0169 to get started.

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