The Game of Life: Financial Family Fun

Mar 29, 2018

We’ve all played The Game of Life. As you move through the board, you are prompted to make choices that will determine your life’s outcome and your financial success. If you’ve played this game often, you probably recognize a pattern. Going to college costs you a chunk of your game money upfront, but it allows you to choose a higher paying career card. Having children can be expensive during the game, but when you reach the finish you get a higher payout from the banker. In the end, investing in yourself increases your chances of finishing the game with a more lucrative payout.

You can incorporate this lesson when talking to clients about life insurance. It can feel cumbersome to pay a monthly premium, but does that outweigh the peace of mind they’ll feel knowing their family is protected financially in case of an emergency? Of course not! Maybe their family is already financially sound. They could still benefit from investing in a whole life policy so they’ll have enough funds to live out their dream retirement. Millionaire Estates, anyone?

Ask your clients if they want to win at the game of life and invest in a life insurance policy. Give us a call to get setup with the most competitive term and whole life insurance products today at 480.296.0169.

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