March 2018 Life Insurance Update Show

Mar 01, 2018

March is here and we’re saying “cheers” to new products and features! This month we’re featuring a trusted IUL that has truly reached "elite" status, an all expenses paid vacation to Arizona for business you may already be writing, a new app to help you provide services to business owners, and our NEW proprietary product launch.

One of our best-selling IUL products has now officially attained Elite status. This elite product has been leading the market for 10 years, but new product enhancements make it even more attractive! What takes this product from great to elite? First, it has revolutionized policy loans with a new linked loan strategy. Second, this IUL offers a monthly crediting strategy. Third, there’s a contractual guarantee. We’re talking a 100 basis points bonus strategy starting in year 6. And fourth, it offers a wellness rider. It’s industry leading and first of its kind! These are the features your clients care the most about. Remember, it’s not what’s in the illustration that matters, it’s the true mechanical components of the product! Selling this product could also help you qualify for our Golf Getaway! This all expenses paid vacation includes, a round of golf, a seat in our luxury suite at a Diamondbacks baseball game, and the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

Our agents are always looking for ways to approach the business market. Now, we have an app for that! Head to myAdvisorCloud to access our Key Employee Business Solutions app. There you’ll find an Agent Guide, a Client Approach Letter, a Client Approved Video, and four client approved presentations that will help open up the business owner market.For more information, check out the Key Employee Business Solutions app in MAC today.

And don’t forget about our new proprietary product launch! This product offers, instant decision underwriting, triple digit commissions, critical, chronic, and terminal illness riders, and it doesn’t require any medical exams or medical records.

If you’re interested in a further breakdown of the products mentioned in our March 2018 Life Insurance Update Show, or have questions regarding how Brokers Alliance can not only help your practice get by, but reach new levels then give us a call at 480.296.0169.

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