September 2018 Annuity Update Show

Sep 12, 2018

Happy Life Insurance Awareness Month! We believe that in every annuity sale there lies a life sale. So, in the September 2018 Annuity Update Show, your host, Emily, discusses two ways to go beyond just insuring your clients assets, then we’ll review how you can quickly view the hottest MYGA rates, and finally we’ll share a marketing piece that will assist you in reaching a much larger demographic.

Our first example of ways in which you can go beyond insuring your clients assets, is the Free Pension plan. In this plan you’re supplementing the annuity income you’re already planning for. In a nutshell, we can take a single premium non-qualified asset and lend it to an Indexed Universal Life policy to not only create a significant retirement income, but also a return of premium by year 11. It’s a great way to show your client how to leverage an asset temporarily to create significant supplemental retirement income.

Next, we have a concept we call “Max My SSI”, where we show a client how to maximize their social security income using life insurance. With this concept we use a non-med IUL to maximize the clients’ social security while creating an affordable premium that will generate enough gap income to allow your client to wait until the maximum social security age to provide significantly more retirement income. It’s a very simple and effective strategy.

MYGA rates are constantly changing, so instead of us informing you of the latest rates, and then have them potentially change tomorrow or even in the next hour or two, we’ll direct you to our dedicated MYGA Wars homepage. There, you can find the hottest rates updated daily.

Last but certainly not least, we’re featuring a how-to guide for radio advertising.
Did you know that 247 million people listen to radio each week, and of that 247 million, 94% are baby boomers? Did you also know that radio has one of the lowest cost-per-thousand reaches available? Dependant upon the market you are in, a 30-second spot could cost as little as $20! (Nielsen Comparable Metrics Report Q2 2017). Now is the time to consider marketing your practice through the radio waves! Give Brokers Alliance a call to take part in this powerful lead strategy that is proven to increase sales.

For more information on these products, check out the September 2018 Annuity Update Show or give Brokers Alliance a call at 480.296.0169. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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