Why Choose a Premium Deposit Account?

Nov 01, 2018

Have you explored Premium Deposit Accounts (PDA)? An account like this works well for clients with a lump sum of money who want to invest it for supplemental retirement income and a tax-free death benefit. If an annuity isn’t the right solution for them, their next option could be a Premium Deposit Account.

The PDA equally distributes their money into the IUL, which provides a host of benefits.A PDA can provide clients worry-free premium payments, growth, and can help avoid MEC status. Don’t hesitate to contact your Brokers Alliance Agent Relationship Manager for more details, because we currently work with a carrier that offers a PDA plan that is paying as much as 3.25%.

So, why choose a PDA for your clients?

  1. Worry-free premium payments
  2. Growth
  3. Can help avoid MEC status

For more information on Premium Deposit Accounts, please give us a call at 480.296.0169 and ask to speak with an Agent Relationship Manager.

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