Buy-Sell Cross-Purchase and Entity Purchase Solutions

Feb 14, 2019

Many business owners are unaware of how useful life insurance can be in addressing some very important issues. The S.T.O.P. selling system is all about asking the right questions, discovering the problems that need to be solved, and presenting the possible advantages life insurance can offer. This way, you can Solve The Owner’s Problems!

Does your client have a properly drafted buy-sell agreement to provide  for the future of their business? A Buy-Sell Agreement can keep clients' dreams alive by providing for the transfer of the ownership of their business to the successor they've selected. The purchase of ownership interest under a Buy-Sell Agreement has to be sufficiently funded to be successful. So, it is beneficial to provide a solution like life insurance that is designed to provide cash immediately upon death.

- Immediate access to funds and proceeds are generally tax-free from federal income tax

- Cach value in the policy may provide funding for other buyout options during owner's lifetime

- Provides immediate liquidity for an estate by converting the ownership interest in the business in cash

Register for our LIVE training series to find out how you can incorporate the S.T.O.P. selling system in your practice.

  • February 7, 10AM CST: Key Person Solutions -  VIEW RECORDING

  • February 14, 10AM CST: Buy-Sell Cross-Purchase and Entity Purchase - VIEW RECORDING

  • February 21, 10AM CST: Retirement and Income Replacement

  • February 28, 10AM CST: Estate Equalization and Charitable Giving

For more information on how you can provide meaningful solutions, please call your Agent Relationship Manager at 480.296.0169


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