Go Beyond Illustrations: Demonstrate Real-Life Value

Apr 23, 2019

An illustration can only get you so far. Sometimes, prospects can get lost in the numbers and need a better way to visualize the added value that Permanent Life products can provide. That’s where the 50 Ways to Need Your Coverage presentation can help re-engage your clients.

This powerful presentation will demonstrate the added value of Permanent Life Insurance. Many permanent insurance products today are able to satisfy a multitude of needs beyond just the traditional death benefit. With living benefits, return of premium options, cash value, and supplemental retirement income, permanent life insurance is the Swiss Army Knife in your financial planning toolkit.

The 50 Ways presentation highlights the benefits that can be obtained with a permanent life policy. Real life scenarios compare:

  • Cash Value
  • Return of Premium
  • Living Benefits
  • Retirement Income

To see if this presentation is a good fit for your business, please give your Agent Relationship Manager a call and ask them about the 50 Ways to Need Your Coverage presentation! 480.296.0169


Category: Sales