Simplify Concepts With Consumer Presentations

Apr 04, 2019

Permanent life insurance, annuities, long term care, and social security can all seem complicated and overwhelming to new prospects shopping for coverage. That’s why we provide consumer presentations that help to simplify these concepts and allow your prospects to enter into a purchasing decision with confidence.

We've taken everything we've learned about retirement income planning using IULs and put it all into one online, animated, collaborative experience for you and your clients. The Retirement ACE™ is a bullet-proof solution also includes exclusive access to Retirement Income Planning Support for permanent life insurance.

50 Ways to Need Your Coverage presentation demonstrates the added value of Permanent Life Insurance. Many permanent insurance products today are able to satisfy a multitude of needs beyond just the death benefit. It highlights living benefits, return of premium options, cash value, and supplemental retirement income available with permanent life insurance.

Social Security Discovery is a powerful workshop designed by Brokers Alliance® to educate prospects about the important elements of Social Security benefits  and introduce them to the retirement income planning sales process.

Traditional LTC insurance policies do not provide any benefits if you never need care. Introduce consumers to asset-based long-term care insurance protection as an alternative to traditional policies. Understanding Your Choices in LTC Protection focuses around the consumers’ three choices:Self-Insure, Traditional Policies, and Asset-Based.

Access these presentations in the Consumer Presentation app in myAdvisorCloud. To discuss which presentations would be the best fit your business, please call your Brokers Alliance Agent Relationship Manager at 480.296.0169.


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