Help Clients Spring Clean Their Finances

May 02, 2019

This time of year, your clients are probably on a spring cleaning kick. They’re in the mood to refresh their homes, their cars, their workspaces...but what about their finances? That’s where you can step in and help them spruce up their current financial obligations.

Here are three ways clients can square away their finances:

  1. Have clients make a list of any autopay bills - How many free-trials have they signed up for 3 years ago and have been autopaying full-price ever since? This is the easiest place to trim the fat by canceling or switching services.
  1. Suggest they update their financial account passwords -Clients should really focus on cybersecurity when it comes to their financial accounts. Using their pet’s name as a password just doesn't cut it anymore. If clients are nervous about updating passwords and forgetting, then suggest they use a password manager on their computer.
  1. Review their current beneficiaries - Your clients may have gone through some major life changes since they last reviewed their policies. Maybe they got married, had children, or purchased a home. Now is a great time to make those updates with them so their policies are up-to-date.

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Category: Sales