Refresh Your Knowledge Base: Life 101 Video Training Series

May 09, 2019

Studies show that the best way to retain information is to relate it to scenarios you already know. That’s why a good refresher on basic info that you’ve already learned can give you an advantage out in the field. Even if you passed your Life Insurance exam years ago, going back into the 101’s could help you make connections that are more relevant now that you’ve been selling for a while.

Brush up on the basics with our Life 101 video training course. Utilize this FREE online video course to learn the Purpose, Product Basics, Product Types, and Process of selling Life Insurance. By increasing your education with this video series, not only will you grow as a Life Insurance agent, but your practice will see the benefits as well! Within 25 minutes, our Life 101 series can prepare you to not only take that next consumer call, but take it in stride!

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