A Scream Queen Life Insurance Case Study

Oct 30, 2019

Life Insurance doesn’t have to be scary. There are a lot of options no matter what stage of life your clients are currently in when they start thinking about purchasing a policy. In honor of the spooky holiday, let’s use one of America’s favorite scream queens as an example: Laurie Strode from the Halloween movie franchise.

Halloween (1978) - Laurie Strode, 17yo

laurie 1.png

When we first meet Laurie Strode in 1978, she is a cautious teenager with a thriving babysitting business. After being harassed by a homicidal Michael Myers on Halloween night, we learn that Laurie is a planner. She sets up traps and attempts to evade her tormentor...all while keeping the kids in her care safe. At this point, Laurie is a bit young to be thinking about life insurance, but after her Halloween night with Michael Myers, she certainly has death and protection on the mind. In a few years, Laurie would benefit from looking at Term Life Insurance options to protect her finances if she becomes a new homeowner, gets married, or has children. With Term with Living Benefits, Laurie can dip into her death benefit tax-free if certain financial hardships sneak up on her.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998) - Laurie Strode, 37yo

laurie 2.png

Fast forward 20 years and Laurie is now nearing middle-age and is a single mother of a teenage son. Laurie is working as a headmistress of a private boarding school and lives in constant fear of Michael Myers returning to murder her and her son. With this threat looming overhead, let’s hope that Laurie’s financial advisor has helped her nail down a solid Index Universal Life policy in case her son survives the rampage. Her son would receive a tax-free death benefit that accumulated while Laurie was alive. Let’s also hope that she has some Key Person coverage to help protect the boarding school she’s running. 

Halloween (2018) - Laurie Strode, 57yo

laurie 3.png

We see Laurie Strode again 40 years after her first run-in with Michael Myers. Her life of fear has worn her down. She drinks heavily and rarely leaves her fortified home. Laurie has an estranged daughter and a teenage granddaughter whom she must protect from Michael Myers at all costs on yet another Halloween night. But what about protecting her retirement income? Laurie has many options if she survives. An Annuity or Retirement Alternative could help her live out her days in peace and quiet...unless Michael returns again.

For more information on insurance products that fit any stage of a client’s life, please give one of our Brokers Alliance Agent Relationship Managers a call at 480.296.0169.

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