The 7 Sins of Insurance Sales

Jan 07, 2020

1. Not Preparing - Before entering into any consumer meeting, you should prepare. You can proactively run quotes a couple days before, organize your handouts, or even practice your sales pitch. A little preparation can go a long way. 

2. Not Studying - You should expect for consumers to have questions. After all, you are their product expert. By studying the products you are presenting to them, you’ll be able to answer at least the basic questions regarding the product and how it benefits them.

3. Not Respecting Your Audience -  Don’t assume your prospects know nothing about the topic. Most likely, your prospects were researching products on their own before they reached out to you. Present yourself as a resource to answer any of their questions and organize the process. 

4. Not Exuding Confidence - Being timid does not leave a lasting impression with prospects and clients. Preparing your pitch and studying the products will help you feel more confident going into client meetings. 

5. Not Engaging Your Audience - Remember to keep your prospects engaged throughout the conversation. Ask them questions about their needs and goals. Utilize storytelling to help illustrate the ways life insurance can benefit them. By helping your client open up in the conversation, you’ll have an easier time communicating through their points of hesitation. 

6. Not Providing Value - Listing product features can be education for prospects, but the best way to get them thinking about moving forward with a product is to break down how those features bring value to their financial future. 

7. Not Following Up - After your meetings, you should always send a follow up email summarizing the topics you talked about and letting the prospects know of any next steps that need to be taken. Keep a running calendar to do yearly check-ins with your clients to make sure their policies still cover when they need. A lot can change in a year! 

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