Introducing the New GUL (...that isn't a GUL at all!)

Apr 09, 2021

In today’s low interest rate environment, with increased reserving requirements, guaranteed universal life is starting to disappear from the shelf. In fact, many carriers are opting to simply get out of the GUL game.

However, there’s still a distinct value in products that provide coverage up to age 121. One alternative is whole life, but that tends to come at a higher cost with less flexibility. There’s only one true solution that accounts for almost every aspect of the GUL dilemma: protection IULs.

Protection IULs are the perfect replacement for a product that’s rapidly disappearing. For the true low-cost protection IUL, you don’t need a whole lot of return from the index to get the job done. Couple that with the flexibility of a universal life policy, you’ve got a recipe for coverage longevity and maybe even some cash value in case of an emergency.

Here at Brokers Alliance, we have all the products and resources you’ll need to step away from the outdated GUL and get into the new era of permanent coverage. Ready to learn about the best protection IUL in the industry? Give your Brokers Alliance Agent Relationship Manager a call at 480-816-9000 and get started TODAY!

Category: Life Insurance