Saving the Day 101: The Bene Check

Oct 22, 2020

We’re nearing the end of a tumultuous year. You’ve felt the impacts of current events on your own life, and your clients have, too. If only you could help them prepare for their financial futures by taking them through two simple steps.

Oh, wait. You totally can. 

Grab your sturdiest dinner plate and dust off the wooden sword you got at Medieval Times five years ago, because you’re about to be your clients’ knight in shining armor.


Saving the Day 101 Email.png

Saving the Day 101: The Bene Check

With the holidays fast approaching, your clients likely have family on the mind. That makes this the perfect time to give them a call and do a beneficiary check-up - or, as we at Brokers Alliance like to call it, a “bene check”.

The bene check process is straightforward: You call up a client who already has a policy, and you have a conversation with them. Let them know you’re thinking about them and their family’s well-being in these crazy times - How are the kids doing? Enjoying working from home, or can’t wait to go back to the office? Find out how they’re doing and show them that you truly care.

And since you truly care, naturally you’ll want to make sure your clients and their families are protected in exactly the way they want. It’s as easy as, “Hey, since I have you on the phone, I wanted to do a beneficiary check and make sure things are in order. I see you named your son Kevin as your 100% beneficiary three years ago, and you didn’t name a contingent. Has anything changed?”

That’s all it takes, and your client will appreciate your introducing the idea of making sure things are in order on a policy they’ve already purchased. It gets them thinking about the things and people that are important to them and how to make sure they get taken care of, no matter what happens.

And how, you may ask, are you going to help your clients make sure those needs are taken care of? Check out Saving the Day 201 and learn how to help protect your clients against a monster that threatens us all: inflation.

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