Saving the Day 201: The Inflation Calculator

Oct 29, 2020

So you’ve got your client on the phone, and you’ve gone through a bene check with them. What now? A beneficiary check alone won’t protect them from market volatility or the effects of inflation. It’s time to take them through the second step of your Brokers Alliance Saving the Day course: the Inflation Rate Calculator.

Saving the Day 201 Purple.png

Saving the Day 201: The Inflation Calculator

Continue to show your clients that you’re thinking of how current events may be affecting them. Have they wondered how much $1 will be worth in 10-20 years? Has anyone talked to them about the buying power of the policy they’ve got and what it will really mean in the post-COVID world?

Brokers Alliance’s Inflation Rate Calculator (located inside the Calculators and Tools app in myAdvisorCloud) provides a free analysis of the impact of inflation over a period of time on their current policy or assets. The calculator will show them exactly how much their policy will be worth after a period of time with the general average of 2% yearly inflation.

But that’s just the average. Did you know that in May 2020, the cost of beef rose by 18.2%? Did your clients know?

Current events can influence inflation in unpredictable ways, and with this presentation, you can assure your clients that you have the knowledge and the ability to protect them from these unforeseen effects. They’ll appreciate your dedication to making sure their future is secure, and you’ll be able to open up the conversation to the options that will be most beneficial to them.

For an in-depth guide to bene checks, the inflation calculator, and saving the day, check out the webinar recording “Protect your clients. Consider inflation.”, presented by Brokers Alliance’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Palmer!

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